As an MBA and my family's first college attendee/graduate, I prefer to speak on the topics of motivation and positivity to any business seeking to get the most out of their employees via a wake-up call of what they're truly capable of. However, as a man who has struggled with substance abuse for a decade and experienced its setbacks first-hand, I also offer my speaking services to high schools and collegiate institutions that want their students to hear a story about the dangers of using drugs. Although, it's important to note that the tone in that story is uplifting. I will use my trials and tribulations to get their attention but will spend most of the time highlighting what type of success is possible by focusing on motivation, positivity, and dream-chasing.

Lastly, know that I do prefer the above topics but am open to considering any speaking opportunity; pricing is always negotiable. If seriously interested, click the button below to get in touch and I will respond as soon as I can!!!