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My name is Danny Range. I was proudly born and raised in Warren, Ohio, and I'm a published author, MBA, and Certified Professional Speaker. On January 12th, 2016, I decided that I was done being a burnout. Sick of being high all the time. Sick of being out of shape. Sick of throwing my life away to the care-free, party lifestyle. Nearly fifty pounds overweight with crippling credit card debt and less than $300 to my name, I looked into the mirror in my father's basement with fury in the eyes; I declared that I was officially committed to turning my life around.

As of April 2020, just a little over four years after I publicly made that statement via social media, I've written three books, graduated in an MBA program with honors, spoken to countless live audiences, attracted the attention of over 40,000 people and counting on social media, been credited with inspiring people around the world to chase their dreams, and so much more. Financial struggles are the least of my concerns. Now, my comeback story was a personal goal at first, but it's developed into something much more meaningful: a powerful message of hope for people just like you.

I've dedicated my life to showing the world that you can make all your wildest dreams come true if you're willing to put the work in. I'm not special, nor are any of my accomplishments. I'm but living proof that persistent, hard work along with a healthy routine can turn anyone at any age into a "success story". And my public speaking is filled with electric content that shows your audience exactly how to become the happiest, healthiest, and richest version of themselves...

On day one, in the middle of my public statement via social media, I declared that I would land a movie deal for one of my future novels, having no prior education in writing as well as teaching myself how to write on Google! I am proud to announce that my next novel, "422: Scandalous", has officially been optioned for film. Ladies and gentlemen, what I'm preaching works, and it can be the message that lights a fire in you, your students or your corporate team. Contact me via the contact page to see how I can inspire you and your people today!!!

- Danny Range AKA Warren's Finest