Admittedly, my first book was written in a selfish way that only promoted myself through my own experiences. Despite its rapid success and all the money made, I was left with a damaged reputation and an audience let down, which I deserved for being so arrogant. The world didn't care to hear about the wild antics that plagued my past; they wanted to hear how I dropped a drug habit and became a ten-time employee of the week. They wanted to know exactly how I was able to drop nearly fifty pounds, buy my dream car, help my mother pay her bills, become my family's first college graduate, and so much more in one year...


I feel as if I still owe that information to my audience, and to the rest of the world that's willing to listen. And so, instead of rambling even more about myself, we'll just summarize it like this: this book is in many ways my apology, but also my way of making up for the way that I portrayed myself in Warren's Finest. Through creative writing and motivation, I give you Make Success Your Addiction, which is the exact blueprint that I used to turn my life around and achieve such a high level of success by twenty-three years of age. You will learn how to develop a healthy routine and most importantly, how to believe in yourself through the usage of concepts such as motivation, positivity, and visualization amongst others. You will receive nothing but beneficial guidance through learning this "Process" and believing in it.


To the people who thought that they'd get more out of Warren's Finest, I apologize. But I do thank you for your continued support and you will thank me for how your life is enhanced through my first Self-Help project. After you finish reading, please do leave a review with your thoughts on the book in the link above!!!